Why Visit Cambodia


  1. All Things Angkor: There’s no getting around the fact that Angkor Wat is Cambodia’s ultimate national symbol. It’s a historical masterpiece, dauntingly massive, creating that unmistakable skyline against the rising or setting sun. When the sun rises over Angkor Wat, it’s easy to understand why the citizens of the ancient city of Angkor considered their leaders to be gods. The rising sun reflects off the massive stone temple complex and the thick green jungle that surrounds it, creating awesome hues of purple and blue and an almost otherworldly glow. It’s no wonder that Angkor Wat draws two million visitors every year.
  2. Friendly faces: – Cambodians are renowned for their hospitality, and upon entering the Kingdom, visitors will be overwhelmed with the abundance of warm welcomes and smiles. The gentle nature of Khmers can be found in tuk tuk drivers, service staff, tour guides, stall owners and passersby on the street. Visitors should note that anger doesn’t bode well in Cambodia, and a bit of patience goes a very long way.
  3. Inspiring landscapes: – Whether it is tranquil views of a turquoise sea from powder white sand shores, looking over emerald green paddies or out across a deep jungle, Cambodia is full of breath-taking landscapes that will make any visitor stop and stare. Make sure you keep your camera fully charged for all of those Insta-worthy snaps.
  4. Food: – Khmer food is humble and comforting. Rice is a staple, served at pretty much every meal. It may come alone, fried into a cake or with curries, stews and freshwater fish. The most famous Khmer dish is fish amok, which is white fish steamed in a banana leaf and topped with coconut cream.
  5. Markets: – If you like to drive a hard bargain, then get your haggling hat on and head to the nearest market. They are central to life in Cambodia and are bustling early in the morning as people clamour to buy the freshest foods for the day. Russian Market, Central Market and BKK1 Market in Phnom Penh flog everything from clothes, souvenirs, music and DVDs to food, household goods and vehicle parts. In Siem Reap, Angkor Night Market and the Old Market are hot spots.
  6. Rich culture: – The Kingdom of Wonder comes coupled with a rich culture and heritage that runs through the veins of Cambodians. From magical apsara dancers, traditional music, elaborate ceremonies and stage shows, there are plenty of opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant local scene. Sovannaphum Theatre in Phnom Penh puts on regular performances, with workshops in shadow puppetry available. Cambodian Living Arts also produces a series of traditional dance shows.