Wellness in Vietnam

And when you’re done with all that adrenaline stuff, there’s plenty of horizontal ‘me’ time to relish. Vietnam has outstanding spas – from marble temples of treatments, to simple family-run massage salons with backpacker-friendly rates. Even in Vietnam’s most energetic cities, countless day spas offer professional massages and therapies at surprisingly reasonable rates. Healthy eating is pure pleasure in Vietnam. Here, ingredients are pulled fresh from the land and sea, and prepared in exquisite, nourishing meals. For a deeper journey into mindfulness, the ancient city of Hue beckons with Zen houses, peaceful pagodas, and uninterrupted serenity.
The traditional Vietnamese massage is a must-try experience, especially after a long flight or a few days on your feet. Mainly therapeutic in nature, these oil massages are designed to release tension and address concerns within the body. It begins with a deep-tissue massage for the back and shoulders, moves to the muscles and tendons of the legs, targets pressure points in the feet, neck and head, and finishes with twists and a light pummeling for good measure.